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Story Blog

Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

The Unexpected Joy of Giving

Meher Mount

“Most people by their nature are very generous, yet they don’t think clearly about the choices they make when they donate to charity,” according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

“For example, they may donate less than they otherwise would, because they assume that giving will make them less happy than receiving. The fact is that studies show the opposite: When we’re generous and spend on others, we feel happier and more fulfilled.”

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Stone Markers Reflect the Permanence of the Avataric Presence at Meher Mount

Margaret Magnus

The Stone Sign & Marker Project commemorates and marks the touchstones related to Avatar Meher Baba’s 1956 visit. Equally, as the number of visitors to Meher Mount increases each year – a 17% increase in the past two years to more than 1,500 visits in 2016 – it is important to have signs that inform, guide and orient these visitors.

These markers create lasting reminders of Avatar Meher Baba’s presence at Meher Mount for the guidance of present and future generations of visitors.

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Without Water Once Again

Margaret Magnus

“We returned from vacation on September 20, 2016, and found water leaking at the well,” explained Manager/Caretaker Buzz Glasky. “We also found low water levels in the pool (which acts a reservoir before the water is treated) and in the 5,000-gallon holding tank. There was nothing in the agricultural water tank.”

The well pump had stopped working.

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50 Years Later: Agnes Baron Serendipitously Meets an Old Friend

Sam L. Ervin

In her quest to continually improve the DART (Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Training) program, Agnes Baron asked my then wife, Martha Ervin (now Aubin) and me to drive her in June 1972 to Arizona where she wanted to research several drug rehabilitation programs that were getting good press. We had previously been working as drug counselors with Agnes in the DART program in Ventura County, CA.

Although investigation into drug abuse programs initially led Agnes Baron to Arizona on a research trip, the related events of that trip proved to be the most memorable for me.

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Infrastucture in the Cloud

Margaret Magnus

Infrastructure is not always buildings, roads and water treatment systems – although those items can consume much of Meher Mount’s focus. Infrastructure also includes financial systems, database management, and communications systems.

Since 2010, Meher Mount has been using a cloud-based platform from called the Non-Profit Starter Pack. In the buzzwords of the industry, this system is for Constituent Relationship Management (CRM).

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"I Bullied them into Funding the DART Program"

Sam L. Ervin

“I bullied them into funding it,” said Agnes Baron of her efforts to get funding from the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to start the Drug Abuse Reorientation Training (DART) program.

“Meher Baba said a whole generation of leadership would be lost if they continued to get caught up in illicit drugs, so I told the board of supervisors they would be responsible if they did not do something to show they were serious about offering young people a non-punitive approach to dealing with drug problems,” she said.

“I embarrassed them for not having done anything about the problem, so they shut me up by funding the DART Program with $20,000 to get it started,” she recalled.

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What Has One Gained in Being with Meher Baba?

Bill Le Page

“Often the question is asked, what has been gained from one’s contact with [the] God-Man, what has one learned from the Lord in His Advent as Meher Baba?

“What can one say? The answer seems to lie within the words of Dr. William Donkin when he was asked that question: ‘It is not what I have gained, but what I have lost in the form of useless mental baggage.’

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The Long Reach of the Hopi

Sam L. Ervin

In the summer of 1972, Agnes Baron asked me and my wife at the time, Martha Ervin (now Aubin), to drive her to Phoenix, Arizona, to visit some drug programs. She also expressed interest in visiting the Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations.

Driving on the Hopi Reservation, we came to a small hut where an old Hopi man sat in a simple wooden chair, serenely gazing out at the horizon. Agnes said, “Stop. I want to talk with him.” She got out and walked toward him.

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1956 in Photos - World Events & Meher Baba

Margaret Magnus

In 1956, Avatar Meher Baba circled the globe in 30 days and flew 30,000 miles crossing five continents. This journey included a three-day stop in Southern California with a visit to Meher Mount on August 2, 1956.

Because 1956 is such a significant year in the history of Meher Mount, there is a “1956” board on Pinterest to identify other memorable events around the world that year.

The following are photos of some of the 1956 events that intersected with Avatar Meher Baba.

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Amartithi Brings Rain, Wind and Dramatic Skies

Margaret Magnus

El Niño never brought the much needed rain to southern California this past year – except on Amartithi.

Amartithi – or eternal date – is the anniversary of the day on which Avatar Meher Baba dropped His physical form in 1969.

El Niño is the warming of the ocean’s surface in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean which changes the rainfall pattern. In southern California, it usually means more rainfall than normal.

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"To His Disciples Meher Baba Says..." - A Poem by Mani S. Irani

Margaret Magnus

Mani S. Irani (1918-1996), the sister of Avatar Meher Baba, was His second-closest woman disciple, joining Baba's ashram at the age of thirteen.

In those early years, Meher Baba traveled repeatedly for His work, always with chosen members of the mandali joining Him. The stress of the continual shifting of plans and places, required the mandali to become more detached from the world and to focus on Him.

In response to her life of training and being with Meher Baba, Mani wrote the following poem sometime in the 1940s.

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For the Birds: Backyard Bird Feeding Month

Margaret Magnus

February is National Bird-Feeding Month and includes the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. These events are highlighted because when Avatar Meher Baba visited Meher Mount in 1956, He said, "Now, go out and see the view and try to love Baba through nature. This is all due to my love. This whole creation, this nature, all the beauty you see, all came out of me."

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