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Buzz & Ginger Glasky


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Margaret Magnus, Secretary

9902 Sulphur Mountain Rd
Ojai, CA, 93023
United States

(805) 640-0000

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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

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The Legacy of Weeds 'n' Water

Margaret Magnus

The Weeds 'n' Water fundraising campaign and new water treatment system in 2003 started a chain reaction. It set in motion a number of projects and ongoing activities along with a planning approach that continue to shape Meher Mount today. 

Weeds ‘n’ Water was both a fundraising campaign to raise $24,000 and a project to provide potable water and purchase a ride-on mower for weed abatement and fire protection for Meher Mount.

Its success demonstrated the power of planning and fundraising with community support and participation. In addition, Weeds ‘n’ Water helped to create a better visitor experience and to make the Manager/Caretaker job more manageable.

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Without Water Once Again

Margaret Magnus

“We returned from vacation on September 20, 2016, and found water leaking at the well,” explained Manager/Caretaker Buzz Glasky. “We also found low water levels in the pool (which acts a reservoir before the water is treated) and in the 5,000-gallon holding tank. There was nothing in the agricultural water tank.”

The well pump had stopped working.

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A Promised Fulfilled - Almost 50 Years Later

Ursula Reinhart

In the mid-1960s, my then husband Mik Hamilton and I traveled around the world in an attempt to meet Meher Baba. On March 7, 1966, we met Him in Meherazad, India. 

When we returned to the US, we lived in Santa Barbara, California – about a 50-minute drive from Meher Mount. We continued to correspond with Meher Baba. One topic of our letters was helping Agnes Baron at Meher Mount.

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The Workshop - The Septic Tank Detour

Margaret Magnus

It all started with a routine question from the Ventura County Planning Department in reviewing plans for the construction of a new Workshop at Meher Mount: “How far is the septic tank from the proposed buidling?” 

"Far enough," we said. 

That question got the Board to thinking about the septic tank – one of those “deferred maintenance” projects that keeps getting, well, deferred.

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The Well - To the Rescue

Douglas Martin

It was about 1965-1966 and Murshida Ivy Duce [of Sufism Reoriented and a follower of Avatar Meher Baba] had told a story about Agnes' plight in the mountains of Ojai with a non-functioning well on the property.

Agnes had to go daily to bring water up the mountain in buckets to the house from some place [a natural spring] down the mountain.

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