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Amartithi Is a Joyous Sharing of Meher Baba's Presence

Kitty Davy

The following is excerpted from “The Treasure Untold,” a talk by Kitty L. Davy at the Meher Spiritual Center on the occasion of Meher Baba’s nineteenth Amartithi, January 31, 1988.

AVATAR MEHER BABA painting by Charles Mills. ( Mills Studio )

AVATAR MEHER BABA painting by Charles Mills. (Mills Studio)

By Kitty L. Davy

Today, on Amartithi, lovers of [Meher] Baba join together all over the world, forgetting all else in the Presence of His eternal and infinite spirit….

…This intimate sharing is…a joyous sharing. As Mani [Meher Baba’s sister] remarked in the Family Letter of March 1969, in reference to the thousands who came to Meherabad to pay their final respects at Baba’s Tomb before the interment: “The breath that stirred this gathering of lovers…was not so much a sighing of ‘Come, let us weep together,’ but a crying of ‘Come, let us adore him.’”

The treasure we share is the continued intimate Presence of our Beloved – a coming together with Baba, in spirit, just to be alone with Him – a time for true sahavas or darshan. As Baba so frequently stressed in the early days: “Come and be with Me, sit with Me.”

Referring to this time of “give-and-take of love,” Baba said…: “I am the only Beloved and you are all my lovers; or I am the only Lover and you are all my beloveds. I want you all to remain happy in my sahavas. I am the Ocean of Love. Draw as much of this Love as possible. Make the most of this opportunity. It rests with you to draw as much as you can out of the Ocean.”

…Though Baba is not with us in the physical form, we can feel His Presence in the spirit….

Amartithi is the remembrance of the day on which Baba broke external links to foster the development of internal links. These links to Baba, which each of us has, are our ever-lasting Treasure….

With Baba’s Treasure constantly available, we must be ever alert to His Call, so that we do not miss an opportunity to be with Him….

In closing, Baba tells us:

I am the Divine Beloved worthy of being loved because I am Love.

Love Me more and more, because for the sake of Love, I have come among you.

Hold fast to Me so that I will take you where I go; otherwise, you will be lost. I am the Emperor. If you belong to Me, you will have access to the Infinite Treasure that is Mine.

The only one and sure way to find your abode in Me is to love Me.

Love me because I am Love.


Kitty L. Davy, One Fine Thread: Talks About Meher Baba, pp. 239-244. (Myrtle Beach, SC: Sheriar Foundation) ©2014 Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Excerpted with permission.