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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

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How Baba's Tree Got Its Name

Sam L. Ervin

Many times I heard Agnes Baron, Meher Mount co-founder and lifetime caretaker, tell the story of Avatar Meher Baba’s visit to Meher Mount on August 2, 1956.

She said that when she showed Meher Baba around the property, one of the key sites was a large Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) forming a huge natural canopy at the far edge of the meadow in the southwest area of the property. This spot, which looks out on the Pacific Ocean, the Channel Islands and the Santa Monica Mountains, is now called Avatar’s Point.

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We Should Have Known It Wasn't Going to be a Smooth Ride

Agnes Montano

Current Meher Mount caretakers Ellen Kwiatkowski and Eric Carlson didn’t have to ask twice. When they suggested we fill in for them and care for their sweet dog Oday while they were away winterizing their Blue Vista Farm in Bayfield, WI, we immediately said, “Yes.”

The plan was for former Interim Caretaker Cassandra Bramucci to cover the first week of Ellen’s and Eric’s leave, and we would take over on October 30th for another seven days.

We should have known it wasn’t going to be a smooth ride when, on the day we were set to drive up to Meher Mount from Oceanside (about 180 miles south of Ojai), we received a message from Cassandra advising us against driving up that day due to strong Santa Ana winds.

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"Meher Baba will remind you that He does everything."

Buzz Glasky

The following is from an email sent on July 14, 2019 by former Manager/Caretakers Buzz and Ginger Glasky to the new Manager/Caretakers for Meher Mount, Ellen Kwiatkowski and Eric Carlson.

Dear Ellen & Eric,

You asked for the 10 important things on Meher Mount for caretakers. There are only five or six.

You will come to realize that Meher Baba really does everything on Meher Mount. As one gets caught and immersed in the daily activities and living at Meher Mount, Meher Baba will remind you that He does everything.

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A Photo Gallery of Meher Baba at Meher Mount

Margaret Magnus

The following photos were taken by Darwin Shaw at Meher Mount during Avatar Meher Baba’s 1956 visit and were recently made available by Meher Nazar Publications. The joyous expression on many faces portrays their delight in being in Meher Baba’s presence.

“Thursday, August 2 [1956], was a day we had all been looking forward to, a day when Baba would be free of interviews, when we could all be more closely with him in the beautiful setting of Meher Mount,” wrote Darwin Shaw in his book, As Only God Can Love.

“Everyone was in a happy mood for the day’s outing,” Darwin continued.

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Seven Minutes with Meher Baba at Meher Mount - The Film

Margaret Magnus

Meher Baba in the USA, 1956 is filmed by Charmian Duce Knowles and produced by Sufism Reoriented ©1972. In the late 1960s, assisted by Henry Mindlin and Charmian’s future husband, Duncan Knowles, she added a soundtrack. Charmian and Duncan provide the narration.

The entire film is one hour and 23 minutes long. Meher Baba’s visit to Meher Mount starts at 50:21 minutes into the film and continues for approximately six-and-one-half minutes.

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"...all that is good and all that is bad within you comes out in sparks..."

Sam L. Ervin

“As you all become more intimate with me, with opportunities to come closer to me, all that is good and all that is bad within you comes out in sparks, as it were.

All the impressions of the past, the accumulation of past sanskaras [impressions] of all illusory things, which include both good and bad, come out. My proximity, the intimacy with me, just changes that mass of sanskaras, and sometimes you find sparks of good and bad flying out.” - Avatar Meher Baba

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Why Meher Baba Observed Silence

Eruch Jessawala

"Now take the other case of two people in love. When two individuals are in love with each other, how do they speak?"

"They speak softly," we answered.

"Yes," Baba agreed, "they do speak softly and the greater the love between them, the softer is their tone of speech. And when they are still further in love, no words are needed and they just look at each other, and eventually there is not even the need to look — no need at all."

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A New ‘Sadra’ for Baba’s Tree

Margaret Magnus

Baba’s Tree continues to grow healthy new branches — aided by the winter rains, the extra measures of care given over the past 18 months, and the love and prayers from around the world.

Consulting with ISA® Certified Arborist Michael Inaba, Meher Mount put in place a care plan starting in early 2018 for Baba’s Tree recovery and regeneration. One of the steps in the plan is sheltering the limbs with a fabric to help protect them from sunburn and pests while new growth creates a protective canopy. More than a year later, it was time for a new ‘sadra’ for Baba’s Tree.

A sadra (also sadhra) refers to a thin muslin shirt traditionally worn by Zoroastrians. Avatar Meher Baba adapted the sadra into an ankle-length garment which He regularly wore. Meher Baba said, “You have no idea what just one scrap of My sadra will mean to the world in the future.”

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Saving Baba's Tree: Burned branches sheltered mystic

Perry Van Houten

Caretakers of a beloved oak tree in Upper Ojai say they're cautiously optimistic the tree will survive.

Baba's Tree, on the property of the Meher Mount retreat, at 9902 Sulphur Mountain Road, was shattered by the Thomas Fire, which consumed the main trunk of the tree and destroyed 90 percent of its canopy.

But now the iconic tree is coming back to life. "It's looking good, so far," said Meher Mount President Sam Ervin.

The giant coast live oak, named for Indian spiritual master Avatar Meher Baba, overlooks the Pacific Ocean from the brow of the mountain, 1,200 feet above the Ojai Valley. Meher Baba sat under the tree and sanctified the property during his only visit in August 1956.

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"I am never born, I never die."

Meher Mount

“I am never born, I never die. Yet, every moment, I take birth and undergo death. The countless illusory births and deaths are necessary landmarks in the progression of man's consciousness to Truth — a prelude to the Real Death and Real Birth. Real Death is when one dies to self, and Real Birth is, when dying to self, one is born in God, to live forever His eternal life consciously.

Although I am present everywhere eternally, in my formless, infinite state, from time to time I take form, and the taking of the form and leaving it is termed my physical birth and death. In this sense, I was born 60 years ago and I will die when my Universal work is finished.”

Your celebrating my 60th birthday today with all your love, enthusiasm and zeal has deeply touched me and makes me give you my blessings for the ultimate understanding that we all are one, that God alone is real and that all else is false.” - Avatar Meher Baba

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Baba's Tree - One Year After the Thomas Fire

Sam L. Ervin

The measures taken over the past year to protect and nourish Baba’s Tree seem to have contributed to its survival and new growth so far.

Baba’s Tree continues to show signs that point to survival and at the same time, caution. Most of the sprouts that have come out since the fire, on the shattered trunk and two of the largest limbs, are still green and look healthy.

There has been some significant die-back of sprouts along two other large limbs. Inaba counsels cautious optimism, suggesting that another summer will tell much more about the longer term probabilities. Fire recovery is not over and continues for Baba’s Tree at least for another year or two.

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The Great Dhuni Stick Harvest - A One-of-a-Kind Dhuni Day

Margaret Magnus

The forecast was for rain. Still, the volunteers came. It was the day of The Great Dhuni Stick Harvest. Saturday, January 12, 2019, turned out to be a glorious day with a very special dhuni at Meher Mount.

The rain stopped, and the sun came out around 10:30 a.m. The cloud-filled skies were deep blue, and the views were picture-perfect. It was time to harvest dhuni-sized sticks from the fallen branches of Baba’s Tree.

It was only fitting that after the dhuni sticks were harvested, there should be a dhuni at Meher Mount.

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Gratitude Is the Art of Accepting Life, Moment by Moment, in Whatever Situation One Finds Oneself

Meher Mount

"Gratitude is a most lovable way of acknowledging My unconditional compassion. And it strengthens your relationship with Me. I have no expectation of it, for My own sake, but it is for your personal good.

"In a sense, gratitude is the art of accepting life, moment by moment, in whatever situation one finds oneself, as being My Will. You offer everything to Me, and receive everything from Me."

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"I can't imagine a better painting for Meher Mount."

Margaret Magnus

Just days before the December 4, 2017 Thomas Fire struck Meher Mount, well-known Meher Baba artist Charles Mills approached Meher Mount about doing a painting that would represent Meher Baba’s 1956 visit to Meher Mount.

“I didn’t know if a painting was needed,” Mills said later, “I just made myself available.”

In discussions with Board President Sam Ervin, they talked about a painting that would represent the energy of Meher Baba’s visit as captured in the 55-minute film Meher Baba, The Awakener made in 1994 by Tim Thelan. The footage of Meher Baba at Meher Mount starts at 43:22 minutes.

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Keeping Out the Rain, Dust, Snakes & Rodents - The Case for New Doors & Windows

Margaret Magnus

One day while working at Meher Mount during recovery and renewal from the 2017 Thomas Fire, I noticed that the window and door frames needed to be repainted and spruced up. Then I looked more closely. Some of the wooden frames and door sills needed actual replacement.

Then taking a walk through the building, it was clear that many of the 25-year-old wooden-frame doors and windows were damaged due to time, use and weather. Sam Ervin pointed out – particularly without any furniture “hiding” parts of the building – that there were gaps between and under the doors.

The gaps invited dust, rodents, snakes and other critters inside. One night in the kitchen, former Manager/Caretakers Buzz and Ginger Glasky found a baby rattlesnake that had crawled in under the door.

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A Little Anniversary Graffiti

Margaret Magnus

One day while working at Meher Mount, I heard Sam Ervin call to me, “Margaret, come look at this.”

Feeling it wasn’t something I wanted to see, I said, “No.”

Sam replied, “Yes, you have to come look at this.”

Again, I said, “No.”

He insisted, “Come look at this it.”

After six months of repairs, clean-up, and small fix-it jobs turning into big fix-it jobs following the 2017 Thomas Fire, I just didn’t want to discover one item that needed attention. But, I knew I couldn’t escape. I went to take a look.

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Space to Tell the Meher Mount Story

Margaret Magnus

Meher Mount continually welcomes many first-time visitors who know nothing of Avatar Meher Baba and not very much about Meher Mount. They often ask: “What is this place?” and “Who is Meher Baba?”

Followers of Meher Baba often are curious about the history of Meher Mount and how it came to be. Some ask for more details about Meher Baba’s 1956 visit.

All of these questions are part of the Meher Mount story — Avatar Meher Baba, His 1956 visit to Meher Mount, Agnes Baron and the founding of Meher Mount, and the purpose and role of Meher Mount.

In planning discussions, the board has identified the need to tell the Meher Mount story for visitors. But, where to start? How to best use the limited wall space? How to naturally guide visitors through the information?

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"It is evening, the sun is about to set, and even the busy hummingbirds..."

Cassandra Bramucci

My mind is like still water as I sit on the veranda of the Visitor Center. Next to me is a friend who has been helping me take care of Meher Mount for several weeks. It is evening, the sun is about to set, and even the busy hummingbirds are settling in to partake of the peace of this special place.

 “This is all Meher Baba,” my companion remarks with deep emotion in his voice as he spreads his arms to indicate the whole of Meher Mount.

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