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Meher Baba's Messages for His Birthday

Meher Mount

Avatar Meher Baba sent the following messages in different years for His birthday reminding His followers that each one of us is really God.

AVATAR MEHER BABA. (Painting by Charles Mills.  Mills Studio .)

AVATAR MEHER BABA. (Painting by Charles Mills. Mills Studio.)

Every One of Us

Meher Baba's 65th birthday was in 1959. According to Meher Baba's wish that year, His birthday was not celebrated in either Meherazad, where His home is located, or Meherabad, where His Tomb-Shrine or Samadhi is located.

The men and women mandali (close disciples) were told not to wish Him a happy birthday. However, "in other centers throughout India and the world, it [His birthday] was observed with great celebration. More and more people were being drawn to Baba..." [1]

He dictated the following message for His birthday, which was cabled to all Meher Baba centers on February 22, 1959: [2]

Every second in eternity, every one of us is the same One Indivisible God, Who has no second ever, not even on the 25th!
— Avatar Meher Baba, 1959

Beyond Birth and Death

On February 5, 1967, the following message was sent in the Life Circular No. 64 by His secretary Adi K. Irani: [3]

"Baba lovingly permits all his lovers to celebrate his 73rd birthday on 25th February 1967, at their respective places. Those who wish to celebrate Baba's birthday should proceed with the preparations and celebrate the birthday in a manner befitting to the Avatar." 

Meher Baba's 1967 birthday message was: [4]

Births and deaths are illusory phenomena. One really dies when one is born to live as God, the Eternal, Who is beyond both birth and death.
— Avatar Meher Baba, 1967


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