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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

Meher Mount Inspires Young Poet

Aspen Weichberger

On June 5, 2005, Aspen Weichberger, who was 10-years old wrote these poems after arriving at Meher Mount with her parents, Laurent and Lilly Weichberger. The family were Manager/Caretakers from 2005-2006.

LILLY, LAURENT & ASPEN WEICHBERGER. Aspen, then 10-years-old, adapted very quickly to life on the mountain and wrote these poems to Avatar Meher Baba and Meher Mount. (Weichberger photo, 2005.)

By Aspen Weichberger


It is so peaceful there, with God
The wonderful smell of eucalyptus trees  
So many wild animals and our cats Lavender and Monkey
Birds come to dine with God
Love radiates from every stone, tree, twig and earth
Baba is present everywhere always.

~ Aspen Weichberger, 2005

"Meher Baba"

I can only describe Him in what my eyes and heart see
In fact I can't describe Him in words.
But I will do the best I can
He is infinite and loving
Actually infinitely loving

He is the Avatar, and in his short human life span
helped so many souls
And still does even though He is not in a body
He is wonderful, graceful, and God the Beloved
He is the ultimate father of all creation
He is the animals of the air, water and land

God said that when he came as God in human form
He also came as a bird for all birds
An ant for all ants
A flower for all flowers
A stone for all stones
Every thing for every thing

He is God infinitely God
And He is within all of our hearts
All we have to do is look hard enough
He is so peaceful and loving
He is infinite

I can't describe Him with words for if I could I would
be writing for 10,000 lifetimes and more
I am sitting here writing, thinking, listening
And cannot possibly imagine how loving God is.

~ Aspen Weichberger, 2005