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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

"What the Hawk Saw"

Sam L. Ervin

By Sam Ervin

In 2002, preparations were being made at Meher Mount to celebrate the anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba’s visit there on August 2, 1956. 

As I reflected on the events and significance of Meher Baba’s day at Meher Mount, this poem began to take shape as a small thing I could offer. 

I shared it again at the Anniversary Celebration on August 7, 2010 as we gathered under Baba’s Tree for prayers and arti remembering Meher Baba at Meher Mount.


With far seeing eyes the hawk slides up the wind
To improve her view of the God-Man
Once again treading this earth, this mountain.

Treading?  No.  Floating, fluid, with matchless grace,
Yet strong and gliding strides
Toward the green canopy of the great live oak Agnes called “Baba’s Tree.”

On strong wings, the hawk beats closer, glides, rises above the tree
Like an eyebrow of God in surprise,
As the Beloved One of the universe enters alone the emerald tent.

Silence!  Except the sweet sighing of the wind playing among the leaves
To turn their green and silver facets to reflect the sunbeam jewels.

Hanging impossibly still, on high, the hawk,
Outside the tree the breathless expectant lovers,
And for an eternal moment the universe
Await His gesture, marking the completion of …what work? 

What seeds by Him were planted in this ancient land, under this long waiting oak?
We know not. 

Yet as surely as generations of hawks feather the air
Above Meher Mount and Baba’s Tree,
He has poured out His all-knowing love and compassion here,
And makes eternally accessible that sacred moment. 

~ Sam L. Ervin, July 28, 2002

SAM ERVIN shares his poem, "What the Hawk Saw," at the 2010 Anniversary Celebration of Avatar Meher Baba's 1956 visit. (Wayne Myers photo.)