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A Promised Fulfilled - Almost 50 Years Later

Ursula Reinhart

By Ursula Reinhart

On August 7, 2010, I was the guest speaker for the Anniversary Celebration of Avatar Meher Baba’s 1956 Visit to Meher Mount. When I was invited, I went to my personal archives to read the correspondence with Meher Baba regarding Meher Mount.


In the mid-1960s, my then husband Mik Hamilton and I traveled around the world in an attempt to meet Meher Baba. On March 7, 1966, we met Him in Meherazad, India. 

URSULA REINHART in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India in the 1960s. (Ursula Reinhart photo.)

When we returned to the US, we lived in Santa Barbara, California – about a 50-minute drive from Meher Mount. We continued to correspond with Meher Baba. One topic of our letters was helping Agnes Baron at Meher Mount.

Meher Baba encouraged us to help her and to help Meher Mount. At that time, we were not in a position to be of much assistance. It’s taken almost 50 years, but when I was asked to be on the Board of Directors in January 2014, I readily accepted as I felt it was an opportunity to fulfill a promise to Meher Baba.


Below are excerpts from our correspondence related to Meher Mount:

Santa Barbara, September 1, 1966

Dear Adi [K. Irani, Meher Baba’s Secretary]:

We received your letter of Aug. 20 and are happy to hear from you. 

In your letter you did not answer my question about Meher Mount, and how dear it is to Baba. It is falling apart and needs much work and money to restore it. If it is dear to Baba then I will help in this matter. You know what I mean by dear. Of course Baba does not want or need it, but he has said he is happy there and that it has a spiritual atmosphere. Of course, most places do, but when he says something like that it makes me think. 

Love, Mik & Uschi

Ahmednagar, [India], September 11, 1966

My dear Mik & Uschi,

I received your letter of 1st. I had it read to beloved Baba. Baba wants me to let you know that Baba will be happy if you two could be of any help to Agnes Baron to make Meher Mount look better and to stop it from falling to pieces. You should first consult Agnes Baron and see in what way she wants your help.

Baba sends His Love and Blessing to you both – Mik and Uschi.

With love to you both,

Yours brotherly, Adi K. Irani

Santa Barbara, September 23, 1966

Dear Adi,

Received your postcard of Sept. 11. Thank you for the answer to our important question concerning Meher Mount. It will be some time until we can be of help in the matter, because the main thing it needs is money for repairs. A new pump and well is necessary almost immediately. Without water nothing can be done. This will cost at least $500. At the moment we are having trouble feeding ourselves. This all does not matter, because it is all Baba’s Will that this happens, but it remains that we are helpless, as far as Meher Mount goes, for the present.

Sincerely, Uschi & Mik

URSULA REINHART and Board President Sam Ervin at the 2010 Anniversary Celebration at Meher Mount when she was the guest speaker. (Wayne Myers photo, 2010.)