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The Los Angeles Times Interviews Meher Baba - 1956

Meher Mount

The following article along with four photographs of Meher Baba were published in the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, August 1, 1956.  Meher Baba, who was staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, met with the press on July 31st to answer questions. The article appeared at the top of the front page of the local news section of the Times.

India Leader Silent for 31 Years Pays City a Visit

"Meher Baba, an Indian spiritual leader who has been observing a rigid self-imposed silence for 31 long years on spiritual grounds, arrived here yesterday for a two-day visit.

"The Indian, who has followers on all five continents, is on a round-the-world trip to meet the faithful and reiterate his message. Arriving in New York July 20, he has already visited strongholds of his following on the East Coast. His American disciples are said to number in the thousands."

"Baba is a short, stocky man with striking features, penetrating eyes and flowing hair. Placid, smiling and affable, the spiritualist in exotic Hindu costume presented yesterday a marked contrast to his Hollywood environment.    

"Meeting the press in his Roosevelt Hotel suite, he answered queries through the medium of an alphabet board.

"What message does he have to our world and our times?    

'Philosophers, atheists and others may affirm or refute the existence of God. But as long as they do not deny their very existence they continue to testify their belief in God.'

"Baba maintains his mission is not to found a new religion but to revitalize the existing ones. He formulated the kernel of his message.

'God is existence, eternal and infinite. He is everything. The one aim in the life of man is to attain unity with God.'"       

The article noted that "Baba will leave for Ojai today." Meher Baba actually visited Meher Mount in Ojai, Ca, on August 2, 1956.

The Times article described Meher Mount as one of the two "institutional centers of his American following" with the other being Meher Center in Myrtle Beach.

Every year on the first Saturday in August, Meher Mount hosts a celebration in honor of Avatar Meher Baba's 1956 visit.


The Los Angeles Times printed four photos of Meher Baba which are below.