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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

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A Balancing of the Light and the Dark

Sam L. Ervin

On March 7, 1970, two of Avatar Meher Baba’s closest and longest tenured disciples, Adi K. Irani and Meherjee Karkaria, arrived at the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. It just so happened on that same day an eclipse of the sun was visible along much of the east coast of the US, including Myrtle Beach. 

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Renate Moritz

My own travels have taken me to places Avatar Meher Baba visited in Europe, Australia, South Carolina, and India. Now for the first time, I visit Meher Mount in Ojai, CA. I adore it.

Always loaded with spiritual expectations, we get stripped there. All what one might envisage of a spiritual center was not there: no discourses, no meditation sessions, no designated prayer spots, no singing.

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Under Baba's Tree

Yolanda Koumidou

In January 2016, Yolanda Koumidou visited Meher Mount for Amartithi - a commemoration of the day in 1969 when Avatar Meher Baba dropped His physical form. She was inspired by that visit to write this poem "Under Baba's Tree." 

Yolanda later return to Meher Mount in February 2017 to be a temporary caretaker. "What a privilege it was to be the caretaker of Meher Mount for a few days. It is truly a sacred space. Every time I return from Meher Mount, I am never the same." 

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Stone Markers Reflect the Permanence of the Avataric Presence at Meher Mount

Margaret Magnus

The Stone Sign & Marker Project commemorates and marks the touchstones related to Avatar Meher Baba’s 1956 visit. Equally, as the number of visitors to Meher Mount increases each year – a 17% increase in the past two years to more than 1,500 visits in 2016 – it is important to have signs that inform, guide and orient these visitors.

These markers create lasting reminders of Avatar Meher Baba’s presence at Meher Mount for the guidance of present and future generations of visitors.

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Amartithi Brings Rain, Wind and Dramatic Skies

Margaret Magnus

El Niño never brought the much needed rain to southern California this past year – except on Amartithi.

Amartithi – or eternal date – is the anniversary of the day on which Avatar Meher Baba dropped His physical form in 1969.

El Niño is the warming of the ocean’s surface in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean which changes the rainfall pattern. In southern California, it usually means more rainfall than normal.

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Baba's Tree Featured in Article on "Ojai's Trees"

Margaret Magnus

Just as the October 2014 board meeting at Meher Mount was winding up, contributing writer for The Ojai Valley Visitors Guide Perry Van Houten arrived to find out more about Baba’s Tree for an article he was writing. Board President Sam Ervin took him on a tour and provided background information along with a number of photos.

What follows is the section about Baba’s Tree from the article “Ojai’s Trees” by Perry Van Houten published in the Winter 2014 edition of the The Ojai Valley Visitors Guide and used with permission from the publisher, Ojai Valley News.

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A Few Moments of Respite Under Baba's Tree

Margaret Magnus

It was a Monday or Tuesday when Meher Mount is officially closed. However, we were going to run some errands down the hill, and we had earlier opened the front gate for our departure.

Meanwhile, back at the Visitor Center/Caretaker Quarters, we were busy and not expecting visitors, so we weren’t watching for them. Somehow a couple of visitors slipped by.

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That Cathedral Tree

Billy Goodrum

As Manager/Caretakers at Meher Mount, my wife Pamela and I encountered a number of people who happened to visit seemingly for “no reason” at all. 

Maybe they were inexplicably drawn up Sulphur Mountain Road or were just out for a drive in the mountains. Regardless, they were unknowingly led to Meher Mount, and ultimately, Baba's Tree.

These unintentional visitors came in all shapes and sizes, from students to seekers to tourists to long-time Ojai residents who seemed baffled that they “never knew this place was here.”

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The Bees Are Calling

Ray Johnston

For years I have traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, as part of my work. And for many years I have also searched for and enjoyed high quality honey and bee pollen from all around the world.

Several years ago, I experienced how Meher Mount was the common denominator for both and for so much more in its capacity to draw people and things together into its Divinely orchestrated orbit!

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