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9902 Sulphur Mountain Rd
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(805) 640-0000

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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

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That Cathedral Tree

Billy Goodrum

As Manager/Caretakers at Meher Mount, my wife Pamela and I encountered a number of people who happened to visit seemingly for “no reason” at all. 

Maybe they were inexplicably drawn up Sulphur Mountain Road or were just out for a drive in the mountains. Regardless, they were unknowingly led to Meher Mount, and ultimately, Baba's Tree.

These unintentional visitors came in all shapes and sizes, from students to seekers to tourists to long-time Ojai residents who seemed baffled that they “never knew this place was here.”

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The Bees Are Calling

Ray Johnston

For years I have traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, as part of my work. And for many years I have also searched for and enjoyed high quality honey and bee pollen from all around the world.

Several years ago, I experienced how Meher Mount was the common denominator for both and for so much more in its capacity to draw people and things together into its Divinely orchestrated orbit!

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Visitors Are Inexplicably Drawn to Meher Mount

Wayne Myers

That a small, yet steady, percentage of first-time visitors arrive at Meher Mount by sheer happenstance, rather than intention, seems to exceed the rational probabilities of this occurring as often as it does.

Some do say they felt drawn up the mountain for inexplicable reasons. Some are on a country drive hoping for spectacular views. Others are simply passing by and are curious. Whatever the reason, they found their way to Meher Mount.

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The 911 Call

Laurent Weichberger

It was our last day at Meher Mount in May 2006 after a year of caretaking. We were packing up the house along with our things on the porch at the side of the barn.

I spoke to Lilly saying that we should find a motel room nearby in Santa Paula, sleep there that night, and drive the rest of the distance to Flagstaff, Arizona, in the morning.

I reached for the phone to dial 411 for "information" to ask for motels nearby. Because I was so tired, instead I dialed 911 for "emergency!"

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Meher Mount, Agnes Baron, Teilhard de Chardin and Me

Sam L. Ervin

One sunlit Saturday, I called to let Agnes know I was planning to come to Meher Mount, and she asked me if I could give a ride to a friend of hers, Germaine Curchod, who lived in Santa Barbara.

I was intrigued about her relationship with Agnes, and wondered how they came to know each other. Agnes had never mentioned her until that morning.

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