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Ojai, CA 93023-9375

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Wednesday-Sunday: Noon to 5:00 p.m.
Monday & Tuesday: Closed


Buzz & Ginger Glasky


Sam Ervin, Preident
Ron Holsey, Vice President
Ursula Reinhart, Treasurer
Jim Whitson, Director
Richard Mannis, Director


Margaret Magnus, Secretary

9902 Sulphur Mountain Rd
Ojai, CA, 93023
United States

(805) 640-0000

Caretaker Job Description

“Whenever I visit a place and stay there, however short a time, its spiritual atmosphere becomes greatly elevated…”
-Avatar Meher Baba at Meher Mount, 1956

a special opportunity

Everywhere that Avatar Meher Baba set foot in the U.S. is precious to those of us who love and follow Him. The chance to experience the beauty and intimacy of His Divine Presence in such a peaceful environment as Meher Mount is indeed rare. 

As Manager/Caretakers for Meher Mount, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this intimacy on a daily basis. On His behalf, you meet both His devoted lovers and the many new people who simply show up at Meher Mount. They are drawn in by the subtle atmosphere of spirituality and natural beauty that has been fostered by those who have filled the Caretaker role over the years.

Make no mistake, this position is both demanding and deeply fulfilling. Please review the following duties and requirements and see if you are up for the challenge:


The typical duties required of the Manager/Caretaker team include, but are not limited to, the following:

VISITORS FIND INSPIRATION and solace under Baba's Tree at Meher Mount. (Photo: Leslie Bridger, 2012)

VISITORS FIND INSPIRATION and solace under Baba's Tree at Meher Mount. (Photo: Leslie Bridger, 2012)

  • Greet Visitors: Greeting and orienting visitors is your focus whenever Meher Mount is open Thursday-Sunday, Noon to 5:00 p.m
  • Manage Facilities: Maintain all buildings, grounds and equipment in good order. 
  • Support Events: Set-up and take-down for about six on-site events per year.  
  • Work with the Board of Directors: Participate in board meetings and provide monthly written reports.  
  • Handle Administration: Manage day-to-day bookkeeping and administrative duties. 


Successful Manager/Caretakers have a realistic understanding of the expectations and demands of Meher Mount.

  • A Calling: Caring for Meher Mount is a calling. Service to Meher Baba is a primary motive for applying for this position. The Manager/Caretaker team is responsibile for nurturing, protecting and preserving Meher Mount on a daily basis.
FLOWERS ADORN a photo of Avatar Meher Baba placed under Baba's Tree at Meher Mount. (Photo: Wayne Myers, 2010)

FLOWERS ADORN a photo of Avatar Meher Baba placed under Baba's Tree at Meher Mount. (Photo: Wayne Myers, 2010)

  • Relationship to Avatar Meher Baba: Knowledge of and respect for Avatar Meher Baba. 
  • Two Adults: Caring for Meher Mount requires two adults who are either related (e.g., spouses, siblings) or have a time-tested relationship. 
  • Good Physical Condition: Caretakers need to be in good health with the ability to do sustained physical work indoors and outdoors. 
  • Availability: Although Meher Mount is open four days a week, this role is a full-time position. 
  • Skill Requirements: The Caretaker responsibilities require all-around skills in managing a public space: general gardening and yard/land maintenance;  handyman skills; a working knowledge of some heavy equipment and tools; housekeeping; administration; ability to interact with the public; and an ability to make every visitor feel welcome.
  • Equipment & Licenses: A valid driver’s license is required for each person. A vehicle or small truck capable of hauling is preferred.


The Manager/Caretaker opportunity is a volunteer position with living quarters and utilities provided. Meher Mount is supported entirely by charitable donations. Meher Mount reimburses for use of a personal vehicle for Meher Mount business.  

Meher Mount is remotely located at the top of a mountain. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to travel to Ojai or Santa Paula for shopping and errands. 


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