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Anecdotes, activities and stories about Meher Mount - past, present and future.

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The Month of Silence at Meher Mount - July 1949

Marguerite Poley

In 1949, Avatar Meher Baba asked His mandali (close disciples) in Meherazad, Ahmednagar and Meherabad, India, as well as His close lovers and followers everywhere in the world to keep silence for the entire month of July. Meher Baba had been silent since July 10, 1925.

One of Meher Baba’s followers in the West, Marguerite Poley wrote about observing that month of silence at Meher Mount. The following is her account reprinted with permission from “Meher Mount Memories: The Month of Silence, July 1949,” by Marguerite Poley, Love Street Lamp Post, January 2006 (1st Quarter 2006), pp. 43-44. ©Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California.  

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A Promised Fulfilled - Almost 50 Years Later

Ursula Reinhart

In the mid-1960s, my then husband Mik Hamilton and I traveled around the world in an attempt to meet Meher Baba. On March 7, 1966, we met Him in Meherazad, India. 

When we returned to the US, we lived in Santa Barbara, California – about a 50-minute drive from Meher Mount. We continued to correspond with Meher Baba. One topic of our letters was helping Agnes Baron at Meher Mount.

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Meher Mount, Agnes Baron, Teilhard de Chardin and Me

Sam L. Ervin

One sunlit Saturday, I called to let Agnes know I was planning to come to Meher Mount, and she asked me if I could give a ride to a friend of hers, Germaine Curchod, who lived in Santa Barbara.

I was intrigued about her relationship with Agnes, and wondered how they came to know each other. Agnes had never mentioned her until that morning.

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Will You Allow Meher Baba to Burn You Out?

Larry Pesta

The fire at Ojai happened on Monday, October 14, 1985. I attempted to call Agnes Baron on that day to no avail. Then, I heard the news from friends that Meher Mount had indeed been destroyed.

The following weekend, I flew down to Los Angeles and drove to Ojai to visit Agnes personally and make sure that she was well. I met her in town at the house of a friend of hers [George S. Stuart] who had taken her in after her devastation. Agnes appeared quite composed and peaceful.

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The Well - To the Rescue

Douglas Martin

It was about 1965-1966 and Murshida Ivy Duce [of Sufism Reoriented and a follower of Avatar Meher Baba] had told a story about Agnes' plight in the mountains of Ojai with a non-functioning well on the property.

Agnes had to go daily to bring water up the mountain in buckets to the house from some place [a natural spring] down the mountain.

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An Answer to Meher Baba's Question

Margaret Magnus

Meher Baba had stood out at the point near Baba’s Tree and asked Agnes Baron if she knew where the property corner was, pointing to Meher Mount’s southeast corner.

Her response was that the corner was down that rugged canyon, but she could not specify the corner exactly. Meher Baba “looked displeased,” Agnes said.

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