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9902 Sulphur Mountain Rd
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Meher Mount Gets Software Grant

Margaret Magnus

THE SALESFORCE.COM FOUNDATION made a software product donation to Meher Mount to support Meher Mount's communications and fundraising.

By Margaret Magnus

At Meher Mount, communications is an important part of staying connected to those who have an ongoing interest in this place visited by Avatar Meher Baba. 

Thus, maintaining Meher Mount’s contact database is a crucial part of communications. This task got easier with a grant from the Foundation.

SALESFORCE.COM SOFTWARE PRODUCT DONATION is a for-profit organization that sells customer relationship management (CRM) software accessible via the Internet or in the cloud.

The Foundation adapted the software for use by non-profit organizations for database management, fund raising, and volunteer tracking. In the non-profit world, the CRM stands for constituency relationship management.

The Foundation makes ongoing software product donations to qualified non-profits. Meher Mount applied for and received a software product donation — valued at $15,000 per year — from the foundation on February 18, 2010.  After a three-day training course, donated by a supporter, the new software was quickly implemented.


Benefits of the new database software include: increased file security and protection of the database; increased functionality and flexibility; and the ability to interface with other online programs. 

In addition, the software provides Meher Mount with the ability to access password-protected data remotely, thus enabling more frequent database updates; greater confidentiality at the record and individual field levels; and extensive reporting options. 

Finally, the Foundation provides free software updates at no extra cost along with free help and support.


Meher Mount’s database policies are designed for confidentiality and Meher Mount use only.

  • All names and contact information are permission-based only, meaning only those who request or give permission to be on the list are included. Conversely, “unsubscribe” requests are honored in a timely manner.
  • All information in the database is confidential and is not shared with any other group, including other Meher Baba organizations.
  • All communications from Meher Mount are about Meher Mount and its activities, policies, programs, and fundraising activities. In addition, the Meher Mount database is not used for any communications on behalf of other organizations and individuals.