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The 911 Call

BY THE POND at Meher Mount, Laruent and Lilly Weichberger who were Manager/ Caretakers in 2005/2006 and their 10-year-old daughter Aspen.By Laurent Weichberger

It was our last day at Meher Mount in May 2006 after a year of caretaking.  That day my wife Lilly told me while we were packing up the house along with our things on the porch on the side of the barn, that I had worked for an entire year without a break (except the week vacation when we went up to Mt. Shasta early on in our stay at Meher Mount).

She explained that I had been either caretaking with her or out in the world teaching to make an income.  I hadn't realized that for some reason, because Meher Baba kept us all going in the amazing atmosphere of His love at Meher Mount.


Nonetheless, as we were packing up the moving truck, Lilly's friend noticed that one of the tires on our Peugeot car was not only bald but that some of the metal radial cords in the tire were exposed!  So, Lilly and her friend prepared to go down to a tire shop to get the tire fixed.

There were many Baba-lover helpers working on the Meher Mount grounds that day, helping us move out and taking care of the center on many levels. I looked around and realized that with all we still had to do before leaving and with Lilly heading down to fix the tire, it would be late before we could leave Meher Mount.


I spoke to Lilly saying that we should find a motel room nearby Santa Paula, sleep there that night, and drive the rest of the distance to Flagstaff, Arizona in the morning.  I tried to find a phone book in the chaos of packing and moving, but couldn't.  So I reached for the phone to dial "information" (411) to ask for motels nearby.  Because I was so tired, instead I dialed 911!

In shock at what I had just done, I immediately hung up the phone before anyone answered.  Then I dialed 411, found a motel, and made a reservation for the night.  Then I returned to my work of packing the truck.


Within 15 minutes, a police car arrived at Meher Mount's front gate.  An officer got out of the car and started walking toward me where I was working on the truck.  I walked over to him, and he explained that someone had called 911 and he was responding to an emergency.

I laughed, and said, "That was me. I called 911 by accident, as I was trying to call 411 to get a motel room, since we are packing to move from here tonight, but we will be too tired to drive very far..."


He looked at the truck, almost full of our stuff, and he saw Kanji [Miyao] kneeling over a flower bed, and this-one raking, and that-one tending to something else.  The officer then looked at me and said, "What is this place?"

I responded that it was Meher Mount, a spiritual center dedicated to Avatar Meher Baba, and did he want a tour?  He replied that he did, and we walked to Baba's Tree together, all the while I explained about Meher Mount to him. 

Then he said, "I have lived in Ojai all my life, and I never even knew this place existed." He was amazed to be under Baba's Tree.  He loved it and expressed his sincere gratitude at being shown the center, and promised that he would return.

We went back to finishing up the packing and getting underway.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Laurent and Lilly Weichberger, along with their 10-year-old daughter Aspen, lived at Meher Mount as Manager/Caretakers in 2005-2006.  

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So it was that I met Agnes Baron. Lost (yet almost found), I had climbed up and up and around the three mile trail. I paused at the mail box to ask directions of Agnes Baron. We talked and I discovered we were both Antioch College allumni. Next to Mehr Baba, Agnes valued Antioch College. Whereupon we became friends and I heard about Mehr Baba for many years until in 1982 I left the area to live in Santa Cruz. That trail a windin' worked something very special for me.

July 19, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLois Robin

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