During His visit, Meher Baba gestured toward the outdoors saying, “Now, go out and see the view and try to love Baba through nature.  This is all due to my love.  This whole creation, this nature, all the beauty you see, all came out of me.”


Meher Mount is at the 2,500-foot level atop Sulphur Mountain and provides a 360-degree panorama. 

After entering, visitors can walk along the Ring Road to view (to their left) the beautiful Ojai Valley backed by Chief Mountain to the north.

Ahead and to the northeast, visitors see the 6,300-foot Topa Topa Bluffs in the Los Padres National Forest, famous for Ojai's "pink moment."

Along the way to Baba's Tree, guests can view the Santa Paula Heritage Valley and the Oxnard Plains to the south.

After stopping at Baba's Tree, visitors can sit quietly at Avatar's Point and overlook the Pacific Ocean. To the west and northwest, the Channel Islands are easily seen on a clear day.

On foggy days, it feels like a Chinese painting as you look over the low-lying clouds to see the mountain tops and and ocean partially obscured by the mist.


Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch for themselves and enjoy the serene and scenic outdoors. 

The Topa Topa Patio was designed to take advantage of the Topa Topa Bluffs. 

Completed in late 2012, the patio is perfect for individuals and small groups who want to take advantage of this natural setting for a picnic.


Visitors to Meher Mount are often welcomed by the sounds of birds singing. 

Pause a moment, and even the casual bird watcher can view the different species that find Meher Mount a welcome home or at least a good place to visit.

The Audubon Society has visited Meher Mount for bird watching and the annual bird count. 

Because of the varied habitats, mild climate, and proximity to the ocean, this area is a bird watcher’s delight. 

Former Manager/Caretaker Ray Johnston developed a list of wild birds frequently seen in the Ojai Valley. 

Download this list of wild birds now or get your copy on site and start looking for birds to add to the list. 


Top Photo: A view of the Pacific Ocean to the West can bee seen over the mountaintops from Meher Mount. (Wayne Myers photo.)

Middle Photo: The Topa Topa Patio just after initial construction was completed in 2012. (Byron Pinckert photo.)

Bottom Photo: Birdwatchers Sam Ervin and Eric Turk join the Audubon Society on a spring day in 2009. (Margaret Magnus photo.)


Meher Baba's quotes are from Meher Prabhu: Lord Meher, The Biography of the Avatar of the Age, Meher Baba, by Bhau Kalchuri, 1986.